Florida Military Specialists


“The goal of the military specialist certification program is to educate Florida’s Realtors so they can help active military, reservists, military retirees and their families with the complex issues they may face when it comes to buying or selling a home, finding a place to live or dealing with home loans,” said Dr. William Campbell, director of education for Florida Realtors.

“They served us with honor, let’s serve them with pride – that’s the mission of the program, as defined by members of the development work group who brought it to life.

The military specialist certification program covers:

  • Florida’s military demographics
  • Laws associated with VA (Veterans’ Administration), ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and various tax implications
  • Military branches, ranks and acronyms
  • Unique financing options and general eligibility requirements for the military
  • Solutions for challenges facing Florida’s disabled veterans, including housing requirements, housing assistance and government programs
  • Property leasing or management considerations for military customers and their families