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Unexpected windfall? Treat your home to an upgrade that will pay for itself

Joey & Gerard Virga

I think most of us have dreamt, a time or two, about receiving an unexpected windfall. That fantasy of winning...

3 Reasons not to Buy THAT House

Joey & Gerard Virga

Falling in love with a house is a lot like falling in love with a person. It’s almost impossible to...

Starter Homes vs. Forever Homes

Joey & Gerard Virga

It’s so easy to assume that the home you’re shopping for is the one you will live in for the...

Lead-based paint: What’s the big deal?

Joey & Gerard Virga

Every year, thousands of American children suffer from lead poisoning. In fact, 1.2 million children have lead...

Looking to Buy a Bigger Home For Less? Let’s Make it Happen!

Joey & Gerard Virga

Compact housing options have actually gotten very popular in recent years, but if you could have the amount of...

Finding the Balance Between Budget and Home Improvements

Joey & Gerard Virga

Whether you are revamping your own home or working on an investment property, renovating can be very expensive...

If You’re a Home Buyer Make Sure You Don’t Forget These 6 Things

Joey & Gerard Virga

Many home buyers are very diligent when it comes to studying up before they make their purchase. However, far ...

A Checklist For the First-Time Homebuyer

Joey & Gerard Virga

Like shopping for anything expensive, shopping for a home requires research and a game plan. When you have a l...

Your Guide to The VA Loan

Joey & Gerard Virga

Consider this: a mortgage program offers certain Americans a home loan with a zero down payment and no private...


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