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4 ways to furnish your new home for less

Joey & Gerard Virga

  Between the down payment and the closing costs for the mortgage, homebuyers aren’t left with a whole ...

Tips to stretch your home-buying dollars

Joey & Gerard Virga

big pile of the money. dollars usa Budgets: They reflect a reality that we either revel in or despise. If...

3 ways to wreck your home’s value

Joey & Gerard Virga

As a homeowner you know that the best way to protect your home’s value is by maintaining it. And, when...

3 benefits of buying a newly-constructed home

Joey & Gerard Virga

Look at three or four resale homes during your house hunt and you’ll start getting the feeling that, should ...

What you absolutely must know about HOAs

Joey & Gerard Virga

A Sacramento area HOA created a requirement that insisted homeowners keep their garage doors open from 8 a.m. ...

4 Tips To Help You Diplomatically Handle Disputes With Neighbors

Joey & Gerard Virga

Property disputes have been around for ages and have at one time or another led to law suits that are...

3 Things your cat can teach you about house hunting

Joey & Gerard Virga

Whether you’re a crazy cat lady with a house full of felines or you prefer the company of just one...

3 critical first steps for the first-time homebuyer

Joey & Gerard Virga

It’s tough being a newbie at anything, right? Learning new lingo, how things are done and how you’ll do th...

What you need to know about the 2020 housing market

Joey & Gerard Virga

It’s about the time of year when we see the increase in questions such as “How can I understand what...


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